What People Are Saying...

The pants you guys sell are the only pants i'll be buying until the good lord takes me home!

I recently placed an order with you for a pair of Kandahar Chinos and Tsavo Chinos. I just got back into the country this morning, and found my pants waiting for me on my desk. Let me just say, these are some of, if not the best fitting pants I’ve put on. As an athletic guy, who struggles to find pants of this sort that fit in a flattering manner, I sincerely appreciate when people put the time in to make a pant that truly fits. The quality and feel Bulletprufe pants possess is noticeable right out of the package. They are extremely well thought out, and damn, are they comfortable. I can’t wait to share these with everyone I know. These pants will be in my bag on every excursion from here on out. Thanks for making a great product!

We got the pants you sent yesterday and they are AMAZING!! Awesome product! - Kevin, Found, Friction Labs High Performance Climbing Chalk

A week overdue but I am loving my Mogadishu twills. They have enjoyed post surf, a little longboard skating and some around the house child rearing in style. I will be ordering another pair soon. - TM

Will, I got caught up reading the story about you in the Charlotte 5 newspaper. I loved your story and decided to pick up a pair to support you. Quickly after my purchase I remembered that it is impossible for me to find pants that fit me and figured I would be returning them in short order. Shirts are always no problem but shopping for pants are a disaster for me. My new navy chinos showed up today and as soon as I picked the bag up I knew something was different with these. I put them on and exclaimed, "DAMN." They could not be any more comfortable and they fit me perfectly. Your pants have also done the impossible…I actually look like I have an ass…never has that happened before. Needless to say, I'll be picking up many more pairs from you. Kudos on following your passion and honest to God, making a killer pair of pants.- KB

With so many things in life, the idea is often better than the outcome. Take climbing jeans for instance. The durability, breathability and laid back style make them a go-to. But many are too restrictive. Or too loose. Or too hot. Or too techy. It's hard to find the perfect pair. Enter Bulletprufe Denim. Testers loved these unassuming, normal-looking jeans more than the models marketed as "climbing-jeans" because, "They look good, fit well, are tough, and have enough stretch for all types of movement." Denim and chinos are available in a variety of colors and the price for such long-lasting pants is excellent. - Climbing Magazine, March 2015

Bulletprufes are treating me amazingly! The best jeans I have ever owned. They are perfect for climbing when the weather gets cold, stretchy enough not to limit flexibility and seem to be holding up really well to abrasion! - CH, UK

LOVE the jeans! - BB, Outside Magazine Writer/Photographer/Adventurer

Jeans arrived yesterday, really impressed they're great. Keep up the good work. - SC, UK

Just received my order of the olive denim. This is my first pair of pants from your company. Super stoked on them! My friend K recommended them to me. Already looking forward to picking out the next! - JR, Seattle

So stoked on my new jeans! Definitely the best clothing company going at the moment. Can't say enough good things about these! If you skate, blade or ride bmx or just want a decent pair of jeans that will last forever, stop f'ing about and just get some! - JL, England

Got em today! They are really stretchy and essentially a perfect fit, I think these in a 37 would be perfect, 38 probably too big, but it's amazing how much material and technology goes into these and yet they feel almost "couture," so fitted but durable and tough, butter-soft and insanely cool. Love em Will! Thanks so much and feel free to use any of my quote on your site :) Cant wait to order more! Cheers!! Sean

Just had to write you back about the denim. Not just perfect customer service, fast shipping and everything you guys promise in your description, but even more…they're soft, feel weightless with a full range of motion yet tough as nails when you spill in them. It's like wearing no jeans and the best jeans at the same time. Good looking and indestructible…won't buy anything else anymore, just doesn't compare. - Vince

Hey guys at Bulletprufe, what's up? The other day one of my boys hooked me up with a pair of your jeans and told me to check you guys out online. Just wanted to say that these are the greatest jeans I've ever owned, like sh*@'s mint! I can't tell you guys how many pairs of bullhead or whatever jeans I've destroyed but these are legit. Good sh*@ guys, keep it up! - Chris

Will, I just received my order, I am super happy with the product. Between bartending and skateboarding these are perfect. I will be making a lot more purchases, keep up the amazing work.-Tom

Dude, I can't describe to you enough how much I love these pants! Thanks again for them! - S.O., The Berrics

Got jeans. Kick ass. Comfy as balls. Shit's legit. Nice work. - Matt, Australia

Just got some blackouts. They fit perfectly and feel turbo good while I'm skating. Thanks man. - WD, USA

Just had my first session in my first pair of Bulletprufe Denim. Very comfy, and solid. Good job on the jeans. - AS, USA

My grey owls just arrived! They are so dope! Thanks for the extras too!! You guys are kings! - BC, Canada

Seriously fell on the most rugged of all cement that has destroyed numerous pairs of pants. Only a few threads torn in the double ass patch area between the seem and the pocket so the rip cant even go farther. Seriously love these pants. - BH, California, USA

Your jeans are great! - TK, California, USA (he included a quick of edit of himself skating in jeans)

Sick ass jeans!!! - JR, New York, USA

New stuff. Best pants! - JP, California, USA (he included a quick of edit of himself skating in jeans)

Hey guys, just wanted to show my support.. Killing it with them jeans! - Demetrios George, California, USA

I'm so stoked on the Jeans I bought from you guys @ Bittercold! Thanks again! I will be buying more in the near future! - BC, Canada

Been wearing these jeans off and on since the tradeshow and they're currently going through their first wash. we'll see how i feel a few months in but thus far im in love! - MF, Michigan, USA

Lovin these pants i picked up at bcsd! - BH, California, USA

Hey Will, I received the jeans, they are perfect, thank you! - AA, USD Pro, France

Voted "BEST VERSATILE SKATING PRODUCT" of 2011 by the blog Blade or Die: "The name Bulletprufe speaks for itself. They’re one of the few skate jeans I’ve owned where I can fall repeatedly and still have a pair of jeans decent enough to wear to my day job. The seams and the fabric can take a good, overweight, old-man concrete slapping and still be worth a damn. & I only offer this award because of my personal experience with these jeans. I paid full price for the jeans and consider it the best purchase of the year that didn’t attach to my feet. The compliments I get from women don’t go unnoticed as well. The guy who runs the sh**, Will, has some damn good customer service to boot." Brian Krans, San Francisco, California, USA

Just got the new blackouts and hoodie in the mail today..... Absolutely blown away. Forgot i was wearing prototypes before and was expecting something similar but no. Vastly improved in feel, comfort and looks! You need these! - Simon Johns, Pro Streetboarder and Red Pen Rider of the Year 2011, Bristol, UK

just got my tees and hoodie! The sizing is on point, and the hoodie is quite ill! Definitely will buy more!!! Pics to come soon. (Follow Up Messages) - Three sessions and not a rip or scuff yet! waiting for after wash to write a full review. *note*: extremely comfortable! will buy more. - DA, Virginia, USA

Hey, Will, I just picked up the package from the post, jeans are f-ing awesome :) - SP, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I have to say i love the jeans and the hoodies. They look even nicer in your hands!!! - JM, Andalucia, Spain

Those are the best jeans i've ever skated in. i fell a few times and it barely even roughed up the material. i'm sold. i'm telling everyone about them now! thanks so much! - BJ, Georgia, USA

Got mad compliments about the BP hooded shirt last night. Hopefully sending some outside customers your way. Thanks for making some of the best clothing! - ZR, Wisconsin, USA

First impressions are the jeans live up to the description, they are no heavier than any other jeans I've worn, yet are as comfy and feel a lot stronger. The jeans are spot on sizing so very happy in that respect. I would like to thank you for your great customer service and advice, its great to see people behind the brand come forward to make sure everything will be 100% satisfactory. Short of getting out with my BP gear (raining again, typical Scottish summer!), I'm hyped with my stuff and look forward to putting them through their paces, and supporting your company in future. - SY, Scotland.